Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year and it’s finally here! I’m so excited to share my Christmas decor that I did in collaboration with Decors Veronneau! It’s our first Christmas with the new floor plan at the house (we did a major renovation back in January) and I have been dreaming of how we are going to deck the halls, since the spring!

What I had in mind for the decor was an all white & natural palette filled with one of my favorite bloom and foliage: White Magnolia. I wanted the decor to look effortless, chic & cozy. I included a few brass details to tie the look with our dining room chandelier and created little vignettes here and there using vintage looking items to bring a nostalgic yet cheerful feel to the house.

I divided the decor into 4 categories and I tried to include a continuous theme throughout each space by working with the same foliage and style elements.

Our Christmas Tree

Probably the most important piece of a Christmas decor, I wanted our tree to be simple yet elegant. I decided on a beautiful flocked tree and simply added branches of magnolia leafs throughout, no ornaments at all, to let the greenery and textures shine through. Instead of garnishing the tree with the wooden ornaments that I had picked from Decors Veronneau (these are my faves 1. & 2. ), I garnished a beautiful brass basket with them. To finish off the look  I accessorized with a little ladder (it looks like some little elves have been working on trimming the tree) and two gorgeous little lambs.

Our family room

When I walked into Decor Veronneau to do my selection I fell in love with this stunning oversized magnolia foliage wreath. It became the focal point of my decor. I knew right away that it was going to be hanging in our family room, on our paneled wall. Our couches were already all cozy, filled with cushions and comfy throws (here you can see a few tips on how I make my home cozy for the colder weather) so all I wanted to add was a few details and vignettes. On the coffee table, I added a beautiful glass bell jar covering a candle, a brass metal basket and a real looking horn. On the media unit, I added a few festive yet vintage items like this glass snowglobe and velvet ribbon dispensers for a little pop of color.


Our Mantel

The mantel was a very important piece for me because you see it from every room on our main floor. I wanted to dress it up in an elegant way without being too crowded. Decor Veronneau has everything in store to create beautiful and unique garlands. Branches, greenery, ornaments, ribbons… anything you can think of, they have. I went with some long needle pine branches for the base then added some magnolia foliage and finished the middle part with some olive spray to create different textures and colors. Brass chandeliers of different heights were added to each side of the mantle, I decorated the kid’s stockings with beautiful washed wood ornaments and I added a tall ladder against the wall.


Our Foyer

When coming into our home I wanted our guest to feel the Christmas vibe right away. I added a miniature garland to the console in the same fashion that I did the mantel one. I finished it off with a glass bell jar featuring a cute little owl that the kids named boo and some horns. A few pieces were also added to the console compartments to add a pop of cheerful red and a vintage farmhouse feel that we can find throughout the decor like this adorable mailbox.


Our Kitchen

The most important room to our family is definitely the kitchen. I wanted it to be a Christmas cheer kinda feel. Red was already in the cards for this space and my main focused was on the shelves. I added some baking accessories, placed a few cookbooks and some red dishware to finish it off. I also created a little nook with everything we need to prepare our favorite hot beverage when winter comes around, hot cocoa, obviously!



We are definitely ready for the holiday festivities to begin around here and if you are in the midst of doing your own Christmas decor well Decors Veronneau is truly your one-stop shop/Santas workshop for everything you need to create a beautiful and unique Christmas decor. They are a Montreal based company that specializes in artificial plants and decor of all kinds. Whether it’s a wood frame Christmas tree, with the branches, lights, and ornaments of your choosing, you are sure to find the perfect accent for your home at any of their locations or online (they also ship to the US)!
Happy decorating & happy holidays everyone!


Photography: Vincent Di Placido | Styling: Melanie voyer

 This post has been sponsored by Decors Veronneau. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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