Organic face oils & serums that I love

Now that I’m in my 30’s I found myself being extra conscious of my skin.  Twice a day, I like to stick to a routine that helps me maintain a healthy complexion. I’m always looking forward to my little beauty rituals, especially at night, when the kiddos are sleeping. I will go up to my ensuite bathroom, get in comfy close, sip on hot water & lemon and I will enjoy every step of my skincare routine to the fullest. This is my little me time where I get to enjoy a mask, apply my creams and serums and make it feel like a little spa experience.

I’m always on the lookout for brands & products that can help with anti-aging & any skin problems I may experience from season to season. The older I get, the more I found myself looking for good quality products, that are safe and that I can trust.  A few weeks ago, Luna Oil Organics reached out to see if I wanted to try some of their products and it didn’t take much time for me to be sold on this amazing local brand.

IMG_E0291This Luxury Canadian Skincare Brand specializes in handcrafted Face & Body Oils that are 100% Natural, Organic & toxin free. Luna Oils penetrate deep into the skin’s surface, resulting in a clear, nourished and radiant skin. They offer a beautiful range of products for men & women including face oils, serums, and body oils, all formulated to achieve different goals or target different skin issues. In the last few weeks, I’ve been including 2 of their products into my daily routine and the results were pretty much instant.


In the morning, I like to use 2-3 drops (that’s all you need) of the Kapha Oil right after I washed and toned my face.  This blend is formulated to decongests and restore radiance of dull and tired looking skin for instant results, leaving you with a healthy glow and nourish complexion. This treatment also helps to prevent greasy buildup which can cause breakouts, while its astringent properties tighten your pores.  It also has a delicate and sweet scent that smells amazing.


At night I’ve included the Blemish Fighter Serum to my skincare routine and I’m completely obsessed and pretty much blemish free! This acne treatment is formulated with linoleic/oleic acid. Applying 2-3 drops of this serum every night will restore the natural balance of your skin and will leave you with little to no breakouts while reducing redness, dry skin, and bumpy skin textures.  Plus, the scent is extremely soothing, leaving you feeling fresh and clean before bedtime.


The post was sponsored by Luna Oil Organics, all comments and opinions are my own. 


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