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My Kitchen refresh with Décors Véronneau

As we slowly cruise into spring it’s time for me to start preparing the house for the new season ahead. At this moment, I’m all for a light, bright and fresh decor. Since we spend so much time in our kitchen, I thought it would be the best place to start to add pieces that brings warmth, textures and of course, a signature spring feel to the house.  If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed that I love Citrus. Not only do I love to cook with them but I also love to decorate with them. Nothing like a big bowl of lemons sitting in the middle of the island to brighten up the​ space and create a stunning focal point for the room. I’ve also wanted a citrus tree for the longest time, but unfortunately, I have zero once of a green thumb in me. I’ve owned many plants in my life, and none of them survived so I simply gave up on the idea of having plants and trees around the house. This year,  I partnered with Décors Véronneau to refresh my kitchen and I’m so glad I did. A few weeks ago, the lovely Gals from the head office invited me to come by and take a look at the new arrivals. I was floored to see all the variety of plants & trees they had in store (and online!) and most importantly,  they looked so real!!

With the help of Décors Véronneau, I was able to fulfill my dream, of owning the prettiest faux lemon tree that look so real and brings a nice pop of brightness and color to the kitchen. To complement the piece, I decided on a  simple round cement fiber planter to add a touch of elegance and whimsy.

I love to have lemons on display in the kitchen. It really makes an impact when there is a big quantity of them sitting in a glass bowl. Unfortunately, real lemons will mold pretty fast if they are not in the fridge. This gorgeous oversized glass bowl, filled with bright yellow lemons acts as a perfect centerpiece on the island. These faux lemons look so real, they are the perfect spring addition and will last much longer than the real ones. Yes, please!

I added a Small boxwood ball topiary on the range to add a little greenery on this side of the kitchen. The cement planter is very similar to the bigger one and creates a nice flow throughout out the decor.

I’m so happy with the updates I was able to make with Décors Véronneau! Just a few small changes are all it takes to refresh a space and bring it into the new season. If you are looking to refresh your space I’m so excited to announce that from today until February 22nd you can use promo code mvpromo for 20% off regular items!

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This post is in partnership with Décors Véronneau. All opinions here are my own.

Photography: Vincent Di Placido

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