My office nook refresh

Something I always strive for when designing or decorating a space is to create a functional yet stylish place.  I don’t believe you have to sacrifice one for the other, and I truly think that with a bit of thought, and getting to know your needs, you can see it all come to life. My home office is really small and it’s located in the back of our kitchen. This desk area really needs to stay organized & well decorated because it is for everyone to see when you come in our kitchen. 


I like to keep all of my basic paperwork in a pretty desk organizer and the items I use daily like my pencils, my laptop & my notebooks help me stay organized but also act has some key decor elements for this tiny space.  I also think the fewer items you have, the easier it is to stay organize AND  maintain any space in general!


I don’t often buy fresh flowers during winter months, I prefer to keep this budget for spring and summer when the flowers are more affordable and the selection is abundant. What I like to do at this time of year is to turn to high-quality faux flowers here and there throughout the house to add colors & textures. This gorgeous bouquet was custom made at Décors Véronneau and its the perfect touch to bring a pop of color on my desk and remind me that the warmer months are on their way!


I also fell in love with this beautiful faux Fiddle Leaf Tree from Décors Véronneau. It looks exactly like a real one minus all the fuss and maintenance they usually require. It really brights up the corner of my little office nook and add lots of style & freshness. I decided on a cement planter to create a flow from the one I choose for our Lemon Tree, in our kitchen.


Now I’m feeling inspired again to use my little office nook and I’m looking forward to head there in the morning to start my workday. I’m so happy I found these beautiful pieces at Décors Véronneau and if you are looking to refresh your space, for the second time around you can use promo code mvpromo for 20% off regular items until March 11!

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This post is in partnership with Décors Véronneau. All opinions here are my own.

Photography: Vincent Di Placido

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