One, Two, Threeee! New baby on the way

I am so excited to finally share with you that we are expecting BABY #3! We feel so unbelievably lucky and blessed with this pregnancy and can hardly wait for the spring to be here so we can meet our little love. A lot of you have been asking why I was so quiet on social media the last few weeks, and this is why. My mind and my focus were on my family, soaking in every little moment with my boys and enjoying every little spark’s of life growing in me. 

I’ve reached 18 weeks today and so far the pregnancy has been a breeze. Pretty much the same symptoms as my previous pregnancies, fatigue in the first few weeks, no sickness, varicose veins on my left leg (annoying but could be worse I guess) and cravings for tomatoes…. We can’t wait to find out if we’re going to be having another little boy or a little girl. My gut feeling tells me a BOY only because I’m having the exact same pregnancy so far as my first 2, but we will know for sure in about 2 weeks, at my next ultrasound.

We’ve talked about a few names so far but we are not thinking too much about it at this point. It’s hard to wrap your head around a name when you don’t know the gender. Flavio loves to come up with ideas.  If it was up to him this baby would probably have an NHL superstar name like Conor, Austin or Sydney. We haven’t broken the news to him yet but chances are we’re sticking to an old-school Italian name!

Now that my belly is growing and that we can start to feel the baby moving, it’s so beautiful to watch the kids get excited with the whole experience.  It makes my heart so full to see their interactions with their new sibling already and I’m so looking forward to seeing them take on their new roles once the baby’s here.

We are all so happy that our family is growing into a PARTY of 5 and we can’t wait to see how the family dynamic will change starting next April.  Stay tuned for more updates and to follow along with our journey! xo

Photo credit: Vincent Di Placido

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