8 steps to keep your home clean & clutter free everyday

8 steps to keep your home clean & clutter free everyday


Hello, 2018! A new year has begun and the month of January for me is always very exciting. I’m all about embracing the fresh start, regrouping my thoughts, focusing on new goals, building new dreams and creating plans for how we are going to achieve those big (or small) dreams… I’ve come to realize over the past years and especially after having kids that I am much more productive, focused and efficient when I stick to a routine. For me, to perform best in every aspect of my life I need to be in a clutter free and clean environment. Or else I’m completely off focus, I try to do 1000 things at the same time and let’s face it, it puts me right in a bad mood if the house is a mess. In order to have the house clean looking and to help me keep a little bit of my sanity, there are 8 quick & easy steps that I do every day (WE, actually, my hubby participate in these steps daily!)

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Christmas Stovetop Potpourri


When winter comes around I love when the house feels cozy & smells amazing (who doesn’t?!). Lately, I’ve been experimenting with some stovetop potpourri and if you haven’t tried this yet you have to! I know it can sound super cheesy & old trying to tell you guys to make some homemade potpourri, but I promise you will love this. If you’re a candle person and love the warm and spicy smell of the holiday spices, you’ll love this recipe. The combination of tangerines, cranberries, cloves & cinnamon sticks just can’t be beaten! So good!

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